Welcome to the Kalumanel Web site.

Kalumanel is the latest brainchild of Milwaukee musician Roman Edirisinghe (One Drum, Sindoolaa), and features the talents of violinist Glenn Asch (Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, Jason Seed Elixir Ensemble), drummer John Calarco (Daryl Stuermer band, Greg Koch and the Tone Controls), bassist John Simons (Tyler Traband), and percussionist Carlos Adames (a recent arrival in Milwaukee via Veracruz, Mexico).


Kalumanel - Sinha Raja

What does ‘kalumanel’ mean?

Kalumanel is the combination of two Sinhala words – kalu, meaning the color black, and manel, signifying the lotus flower. Kalu was also the name of Roman’s grandmother, and Manel was the name of Roman’s aunt, both of whom passed away in the late 1990s.